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What to Do When You're Injured Due to Negligence of a Medical Professional

Medical Professionals including hospitals, nursing homes, doctors and staff are not guarantors that their treatment will be successful. Such professionals are responsible for bad results if they fail to follow the appropriate standard of care.

Usually, the standard of care for a particular medical professional must be determined by a similar professional after a full review of the injured/deceased party’s medical record. Generally speaking, a medical provider can be sued only when there is evidence of a breach of an appropriate standard of care.

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Almost all medical professionals are insured by insurance companies which strenuously resist paying claims. Accordingly, it is important to consult an attorney early after an untoward incident or result to begin considering whether or not there has likely been a medical malpractice and whether pursuit of a claim is justified and wise.

There is a limited period of time during which a claim for medical malpractice can be pursued. Consulting an attorney early is important, before evidence is lost and in ample time for records to be obtained, experts located, and study done to determine if there is has been a breach of an appropriate standard of care.

We pursue very few claims about which we are consulted because we do not believe the claims are legally viable. We do, however, offer a Free consultation to discuss the care and medical issues involved to determine if we believe a claim can and should be pursued.

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