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At Davis, Murrelle & Lyles, P.A., our attorneys are well-versed on all real estate and neighborhood-related matters, including disputes and issues that involve homeowner associations and their residents. Our team is local and committed to serving North Carolina individuals and communities, and we understand the importance of making a community a great one to live in. That being said, we also know that issues arise from time to time and you may need a legal eye to assess your situation and protect your rights. Whether you need help reviewing an HOA agreement before you purchase a home or resolving a dispute, we can be at your side to guide you and ensure you make decisions that benefit your future. Our team has experience serving both homeowner associations and residents and is ready to listen to your story and achieve your legal goals.

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What is a Homeowner Association (HOA)?

A homeowner’s association (HOA) is an organization established in condominium buildings or planned communities that make and enforce rules for residents. People who purchase homes within an HOA’s jurisdiction are automatically considered members and must pay dues and abide by rules, some of which can be strict. Some common rules are associated with the maintenance of one’s property, such as restricting the color of paint you can use on a house, and result in penalties if you are in violation of any rule.

HOAs are comprised of a board of directors or governors that oversee the organization’s documents and enforce rules and regulations. About 1 in 5 Americans today live in residences with governing homeowner associations.

Common HOA Problems

While HOAs work to create thriving communities that make life easier for residents, sometimes conflict happens. Issues can arise from both sides, as homeowner associations may find fault with residents who fail to pay their dues on time and residents may feel that their agreements have been breached.

Some common HOA problems include:

  • Violations of HOA rules, including landscaping, the number of vehicles kept on the property, trash that has been thrown into community dumpsters, noise complaints, design changes, and more
  • Discrimination from the HOA
  • Unreasonable fines
  • Failure from the HOA to perform regular maintenance
  • Resident failure to pay dues on time
  • Lack of communication, such as if the HOA schedules a public meeting but fails to inform residents

How We Can Help HOAs & Residents

Our team has demonstrated experience in helping HOAs, board of directors, and individual residents with everything from filing documents to settling disputes. We can also provide you with guidance so you can learn how to avoid future conflicts. Our attorneys understand that every member of a community has an important stake and that a misunderstanding or dispute can have a serious impact on your finances and general well-being.

Some of our legal services include:

  • Drafting and reviewing homeowner association documents
  • Enforcement of covenants
  • Negotiating past-due accounts and fines
  • Foreclosures by HOAs
  • Resolving disputes involving property usage, excessive fines, signage, and common area maintenance charges
  • Disputes involving HOA board mismanagement

Each HOA has its own rules and regulations and no two are exactly the same, meaning that what may apply to you might not apply to the neighborhood right next door. You need to hire an attorney that has experience interpreting legal documents and protecting their client’s rights as homeowners. Our team is able to dedicate our full attention to understanding your concerns and working with you to solve your problem.

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