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Car Accidents

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Davis, Murrelle & Lyles, P.A. has more than 50 years of experience litigating vehicle collisions. We have handled automobile, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, and other vehicular crashes, and have handled investigations, negotiations, arbitrations, trials, and appeals in all areas of vehicular matters. We have both defended negligent drivers and have pursued legal rights for persons injured and damaged by the negligence of others. We represent no insurance companies and are committed to individuals and families. Our car accident attorneys in Morehead City, NC can answer when you call and fight for your rights to compensation so you can return to your normal life as soon as possible.

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Common Injuries & Causes

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries in the United States. In North Carolina alone, there were more than 275,000 crashes in 2017, a nearly 9,000 increase from 2016. Of those crashes, 29% caused injuries to either drivers or passengers.

While some car accidents are minor and cause injuries that can easily be recovered from, like whiplash, cuts and abrasions, and sprains and fractures, others can be more serious and require thousands of dollars in medical treatment. More serious injuries include broken or crushed bones or limbs, burns, amputations, internal bleeding, spinal cord and neck injuries, and head and brain injuries.

There are countless factors that can contribute to a car accident, and car accidents can occur on highways as well as on surface streets and even in parking lots and driveways. However, our seasoned attorneys have noticed a few common causes that have led to accidents and injuries, all of them relating to driver error. It’s important to know that most car accidents are caused by the negligent actions of others – actions that can be prevented by being alert and driving safely on the road.

Common causes of car accidents include:

Who is Liable in a Car Accident?

Based on the common causes of car accidents, in many cases, it’s safe to assume that drivers can be held liable for car accidents. However, the are some unique cases in which other parties can be found liable. If a car malfunction or faulty part contributed to an accident, such as poor braking that prevents cars from stopping all the way, the car manufacturer can be held responsible for damages. In some drunk driving cases, drivers will place the blame on the restaurant or bar that sold them alcohol before they got into their cars.

The only way to determine liability is to hire a personal injury attorney. A trained attorney has the resources and knowledge needed to fully investigate the scene of an accident and determine for certain who caused the accident and whether negligence was involved.

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We have a staff of four attorneys, paralegals, and research and investigatory facilities all located in one office in Morehead City, giving us the staff and tools available to investigate and vigorously pursue all vehicular matters. We do not have the expense of TV advertising or a direct mail solicitation program stretching across Eastern NC, which permits us to charge a twenty-five percent contingent fee if we do not file a lawsuit, which we find many residents do not want to do. If we do file a lawsuit because the client elects to do so, our fee then increases to thirty-three and one-third percent.

Insurance adjusters generally are trained to save money for their employer, the insurance company. If you are not represented by another lawyer, we can talk with you about your case, the potential value of your case, the steps involved in proceeding with your case, and other matters in order to help you determine whether a proposal by an insurance company is in your interest or whether employing an attorney might be beneficial. Before signing a release regarding your claim, consider consulting our attorneys about the effects of the release and the settlement offer. We can make sure you’re not being taken advantage of and that you’re not losing out on the compensation you’re entitled to.

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