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Morehead City, NC Workers' Compensation Attorney

A severe injury on the job can affect your health, your livelihood, your family, and your future. As an employee, you deserve full and fair compensation for your workplace injuries, and you deserve an experienced attorney to fight for your rights, as well as the rights of your family.

At Davis, Murrelle, & Lyles, P.A., Janet Lyles is Board-certified in Workers’ Compensation and she has pursued compensation for workplace injuries. The North Carolina Industrial Commission oversees Workers’ Compensation claims.

What Do Workers' Comp Attorneys Do?

A workers' compensation attorney's job is to be by your side through the duration of your claim process. They will help you file the claim as well as help you fight for fair compensation for your necessary leave of absence from work.

Additionally, if you were injured on the job, a lawyer can help you receive compensation for the medical care you need.

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How to Report a Work Injury

The Industrial Commission suggests an injured worker take the following steps to make certain your injury is reported properly, you quickly receive appropriate health care, and your employer can initiate workers’ compensation medical benefits.

  • Step 1: Report your injury to your employer and seek medical treatment. Seek medical treatment at the workplace health provider or the designated office for work-related injuries if this treatment would be appropriate based on your injury. If this medical treatment is not available or would not be appropriate, seek medical treatment from your physician or the emergency room.
  • Step 2: Inform your health care provider that your injury is work-related and provide the name of your employer so that the health care provider may bill treatment as a Workers’ Compensation claim.
  • Step 3: As soon as possible, inform the manager or employer that you have experienced a work-related injury. If you are unable to report the injury due to the severity of your medical condition, have a family member, friend, or health care provider to inform your employer of the injury as soon as possible.
  • Step 4: Within 30 days, and as soon as possible after the accident, give written notice to your employer by stating the date of the accident and a brief description of the injury. If you are unable to give written notice, ask a friend or family member to write it for you and send it to the employer. Keep a copy for your records.
  • Step 5: Follow your health care provider’s instructions for medical treatment.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on a Workers Comp Injury in North Carolina?

Form 18 must be filed with the NC Industrial Commission within two years of the date of injury or occupational disease or the employee’s claim may be barred. More information about Form 18 and related forms may be found at the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

The purpose behind North Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act “is twofold. It was enacted to provide swift and sure compensation to injured workers without the necessity of protracted litigation.” Rorie v. Holly Farms Poultry Co., 306 N.C. 706, 295 S.E.2d 458 (1982).

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Navigating through the procedure can be a daunting task. Janet Lyles, a Board-certified attorney in Workers’ Compensation, has more than twenty years experience pursuing compensation for the injured workers of Eastern North Carolina. Janet Lyles, and the other attorneys of Davis, Murrelle, & Lyles, P.A. are here to assist you in recovering compensation for your workplace injuries.

“Ed Murrelle and his legal team are excellent. They resolved my personal injury claim after a serious automobile accident. The other driver, who was found at fault, was not injured, but my arm was broken by the explosive force of my air bag inflating. After”

- Steve G.

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